The Olympics being postponed

As we all know there’s been a national pandemic. Now the question is what’s going to happen to the Olympics. Turns out the Olympics have been canceled three times. All three times because of war.  Since the pandemic the Olympics are just getting postponed. The Olympics are getting postponed till July 2021.

The Olympics have been canceled a few times. The coronavirus is having a very big impact on our world.


it’s not often that the national events get canceled. The Olympics are a great part of are history. Olympics or very fun. Luckily for us the Olympics are getting rescheduled.


My spring break.

For my spring break I left early on Friday. I was going to a soccer tournament in Richmond. I scored a goal and we did very good. We were the smallest team out there, People pushed us but we managed to win. Then we went to RDU Airport, as we were checking in we saw fergus. We went on a flight to Arizona. We stayed at a awesome resort, and watched two cubs spring training games. The person who won the game for the Cubs at the Cubs home spring training game. Gave me the winning bat & signed my ball. I got three bars from the Cubs games and got a bat. I got a souvenir hat and shirt and one of the balls said spring training on it. While we were at our resort I made two booths made out of clay, and colored them. Then we went to a place in California/Nevada, known as Tahoe. I went skiing for two days there, and it was fantastic. The last day that I was in Tahoe, it snowed higher then my neck.I played around in the snow so much that when I went back into my hotel, I Had so much snow in my boots and gloves. And then we took a flight back and got home.

Pro basketball

There have been some new trades in different things happening in pro basketball. Some of the new things that a happening are good and some  Of them are badd.  For the lakers it was good but for the Warriors it was badd. And this upcoming year there are some tight situations and the future for some players are unknown. Then that’s got a good deal   they traded for Kyrie.  Also they  Added for Kevin Durant.

   The celtics traded away  kirie Irving and signed kimba Walker.   Last year the celtics list supposed to be very good when they sign Kirie Irving  they will OK but this year they’re even better trading away kirie Irving and sighing  kimba Walker.

Another team  that has been doing good is the rockets. The Rockers  added Russell Westbrook but they also traded away Chris pual.

The rockets have been doing excellent this year and they are now one of the best teams in the NBA lash deal they were good but they fell early in the  Play offs. This year they have been dominating the whole league and their super good. So make show to go out and watch a rockets game I promise you will like it.

New and cool Sports what are the most popular sports.

ThereThe most popular sport is soccer by a wide margin it tramples any other sport. the best  Among the popular this is the most popular ones.

The most popular sport is soccer, the next most popular sport is cricket,  The third most populous field hockey,  The fourth most popular sport is tennis,  i’m find me the most popular sport is volleyball.

The most popular sport in America is the second most is baseball . The most popular sport and America is different then the world . It is different because a football football makes a big swing for what is the most popular in the world and the most popular in America .  35% of America’s sports is held up by football .    That is more than the last four combined .  Most all sports keep you Active but some of them like table tennis still keep you active but  are in a confined space. All sports are fun so I can encourage  you to do a lot of sports. Sports are good we are in the rafters your family and friends so I encourage you to go out and play with your family and friends.  All you need is a backyard and a football basketball baseball or even a tennis ball and it is Pattle so just go outside and play with your family.

Football and Basketball

We all think the Ravens where the best team in the NFL. Let’s just get some inside on who really is the best. Let’s look at some of the ups for both of the NFL Super Bowl teams 2019-2020.

George kittle is a great tight end not only he is a great catcher he is strong to But best of all he is not selfish he play blockers supper well.Jimmy Garoppalo is not only a great Quarterback also he keeps his cool on and of the field.Tevin Coleen is just another great one he is a great running back. But he got injured so he cant play againast the Chiefs.The 49ers defense is one of the best in the league.

Let’s see who will win? The Chiefs have a great team. They have a stunning quarterback. Patrick Mahomes is a great quarterback for the books. He can make a play out of nothing. He has amazing accuracy. He can run and throw at the same time with the football. Plus he can scramble for a first down. He can even jump over players like he is a running back. Travis kelce is a strong tight end. Now who do you think will win. The 49ers or the Chiefs?


Leave your predictions in the comments.


You get a projected point value it depends on things, but tippicly you want the people with the higher projected points. Their always ups and downs but usually the players do about as well as they are projected. But it is unpredictable. As it is obvious if you are projected to win and over project it will be offen that you will win.Image result for aaron rodgers" If there are a odd number of players who will get a bye?

There are playoffs. If you make it to the  playoffs you assentully you did very well. If you are the one seed you get a bye. If you are the two seed you also get a bye. If you are the three seed you play the six seed which is soppused to be the worst team. But sometimes they are not the worst team and it is sad for you. If you are the five seed playing the four seed it is more of even game but still it is better for the four seed usually. If the five seed and the three seed both win the five seed will play the one seed and the three seed will play the number two seed which is the second best team.

Judson’s Blog Post

You all know how to do the draft now ysou Will learn how to set up a team. This is Some players you should considering playing. Micheal Thomas if you have him

You should put your highest players in. Unless somebody else jas 5 stars, and the other Person has 2 stars. Then you should put the 5 stars player in unless there is a dramatic point difference, then put in the 2 stars. You Will have two wide riecevers two runing backs a tight end a quarter back a Kicker and a defense. There are sometimes different leages so sometimes there are different player asimbles so you might not have the same as me so you might not get it but baisicly you need to put the highest player in.


You can add and drop players. At the upper right hand coner there is a button that says add player. There is a button that says drop player. If a player is on inger reserve. If you get a Healthy player that was hurt then before you do anything you have to drop a player.

My First Blog Post

This summer I have been planing for this seasons fantasy football draft. There is one or two first things you need to know. There has to be a person that makes the league he is a commissioner.


There are many types of yards touchdowns and plays that are different. I will teach you about Yahoo!’s league. You usually want the people with higher point value.


Their is a daft and depending on what pick you get. If there is Ten people you want to get the 6th round pick it sets you up for a good draft. You want to plan so You can use websites like yahoo, ESPN, some of them are cald cheat sheet.


A good order is running back or wide reciever. Then the opposite. Then you can get  tight end or running back or wide reciever. You can get a quarter back or the same thing as before. Contine reading