Ted Talk

I did a TED like talk. A TED like talk is about something that you think people should know more about. I did mine on ping-pong spin. I love ping-pong, and it was an easy decision to do it. Ping-pong is a complex and fun sport. Not many people know a lot about it, and I think it is an underrated sport. TED like talks are meant to be fun. In conclusion, I think that ted like talks are fun and you should try making one. You will enjoy it and it will improve your speaking and writing skills.

Tree Book


This year I made a tree book. The book I made was made out of cardboard. My book was made out of cardboard. shaped like a tree. I painted the cardboard a certain color depending on what color I wanted to make the tree book. The color I chose was turquoise. Next, I put writing in and on my book. The writing was yellow and it complimented my tree book’s original color well. I colored plain white paper to make it look cool. After that, I collected leaves and brought them into class. I put ink on the leaves. I used the ink-colored leaves to press onto the colored paper. I left that to dry and I had made many beautiful leaves impressions on the paper. I cut the leaf’s impressions out and glued them to my tree books. After that, I started to write my “When This is Over” poem. The poem is about what I will do when COVID-19 is over. I then made the next piece of writing, called “Life List.” This is about what I want to do before I die. I then made “Salute to My Roots” which I named my hero, and wrote a little bit about my hero. I took those pieces and glued them into my book. 


My teacher set up a show of my class’s books. I went to the place with my dad. My dad was my hero, and he was very surprised. He was happy and he made me happy. This was a great experience, and I recommend this to anyone. IMG_1417


In stocks, I learned that they can vary a lot. I noticed throughout the three months that the stock market fluctuates, so do not get mad if the market isn’t good for a day. If something is bad on a day, do not sell your stocks. In this project, we could not sell our stocks. We only used publicly owned companies and no OTC stocks. 

We had only three months so we checked our stocks down every other week. I learned how to use a spreadsheet sheet in a more efficient way. I learned that when you need to check stocks do it at one point otherwise it will change every few seconds. I learned a lot about how the stock market works because I was following my stocks. 

In Language Arts, we are reading a book called The Westing Game. The Westing Game is a book about someone dying and making a game for the heirs. This is a great book about eight partners who compete to find the murderer of Mr. Westing.

In this book, there is a character named Turtle. She thinks that stocks will help her win the game. She was working with stocks so my Language Arts teacher decided to do a stock project. I loved this project because we got 20,000 fake dollars that we had to invest in at the end, the person with the most money won. I loved this project and I recommend it.

Field Trip

This past Wednesday we went to the Morehead planetarium. This is the front of the Planetarium. We went into the dome and saw the film “Astronaut”. The dome was cool because it felt like we were in the movie. The movie was on all sides except the floor. The film showed us how it would be if we were training to be an astronaut. Even though I had seen the film before, we had learned about space in science. That shed new light on the film, which helped me understand it better and more and more fully.

We had lunch next, we had to bring a fully disposable lunch including a drink. I was able to catch up with my friends, and we talked about the film. After lunch, we had a few minutes to stretch our legs. We were able to go to the room with hashes on things. I played a game, I was supposed to use resources to stop water.


For our last activity, we were with someone who was doing experiments. My favorite part was when we saw the person dump a bunch of liquid nitrogen. We got to see it cool down things and evaporate. 

In conclusion, my favorite activity was, watching the liquid nitrogen make clouds. I liked this because I had never seen this before and it kept me guessing about what was happening next. 

City Spies

City Spies is a very good book series about a group of students that get to go on missions. They are kids without parents that have been adopted by a man with MI6 that’s wife had left with their kids. The group is from all around the world. They are very nice and have become like a family. They love each other like brothers and sisters. When someone has a problem they talk it out. If someone is mad at another they will still not let it affect the mission in a bad way. One of the reasons I like this book the most is because unlike adults doing this the kids have formed a bond and they love each other. They live with each other, so unlike if they were adults the kids spend most of their time together. 

They go around the world fitting terrorists. They can go undercover more easily because nobody will expect a bunch of kids. Since they live with each other they know the other agents very well. They still go to a normal school, but they know the principal. This is a very good book and I recommend it. 

Hopefully, this blog post was useful and give you an idea about a book! If you liked this post be sure to read this book. Once you finish the books please be sure to leave a comment on your thoughts on how the books were.





Wisdom Tales

Wisdom tales are tales that are told from along time ago. They are used to teach lessons. Wisdom tales can be told from anywhere in the world. They are most helpful when you can tell them to a large audience that mostly consists of children.

I chose “The Smuggler” because it has a great moral. The moral is, “Sometimes your do not see what is really there”. People have to have open minds and open eyes to see what is there. The Smuggler is as funny story that shows me that shows me to look all around, and not get keen on one idea.

I used Sketchbook as my drawing app. Sketchbook is useful because you can import and export photos. I also like Sketchbook, because it allows me to use many types of brushes. The brushes help me make certain that one thing will stand out. I used Comic Life 3 for my actually comic. It allowed me to add photos and text boxes. I was able to use an existing background comic idea then add the photos and the text. I really like both of these, and I recommend them. Thanks for reading, and I will see you next time.


Welcome back to the blog. Today I am talking to you about why the Phoenix Suns are the best team in the NBA. This is per January 19, 2022.

SUNS record:

Other best NBA team in the West:



Best team in the East:

Chicago Bulls;


Other best NBA team in the East:

Miami Heat


This is why the SUNS are the best team in the NBA.

In my opinion, these are the three best SUNS players. This is in no peculiar order. Devin Booker, Chris Paul, Deandre Ayton. I love the potential of Cameron Johnson. I think that the SUNS should start Chris Paul, Devin Booker, Mikal Bridges,Cameron Johnson, Deandre Ayton. This lineup would have more defense and shooting. The downsides are that they would have less height and leadership. Jae Crowder is a good forward, but he can not get down the floor as easily as Cameron Johnson. The other idea is that Jae Crowder does not first the SUNS needs as well. This would be a smart coaching decision by Monty Williams.

The SUNS are on a hot streak and I think they will make it to the NBA title game again. The SUNS only competition right now is the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS. The WARRIORS have a quality team that is an amazing game to watch when they play the SUNS. The next SUNS WARRIORS game is on March 30. This will be a great match-up. I should make a post game so be tuned.



Suns vs Trail Blazers

Welcome back to the blog. Today, I will be talking about the Phoenix Trail Blazers game. The Suns won in overtime. Here were the statistics. 


 Who had the most points: Damien Lilliard with 31

Who had the most rebounds: Deandre Aston and Jusuf Nurkić with 13 a piece

Who had the most assists: Chris Paul with 14

These were all from the NBA site. https://www.nba.com/

Who had the most points: Damien Lilliard with 31

Who had the most rebounds: Deandre Aston and Jusuf Nurkić with 13 a piece

Who had the most assists: Chris Paul with 14


Let’s talk about the stats for the total teams stats. The Suns had a better field goal percentage which makes since seeing that they won the game. The Trailblazer had more rebounds. The Phoenix Suns had more assists. I think that that is a no brainer because they won the game. The Trailblazers had more blocks. I think that they had more blocks because their big men are tall. Both teams have 7 steals. The Suns had more points in the paint, fouls, and turnovers. I would say by the statistics that the Suns should have won the game. It was good that they did otherwise I would be confused.

Daily Habit

Welcome back to the blog. Today, we will talk about my daily habits. We will talk about my old daily habit, my new one, and the compound effect. Let’s jump into it.

The compound effect helps you to reach your goal. We used compound effects to raise the amount of time every week. We manipulated the compound effect, so that every week we were adding 15 seconds. My old daily habit was planking. I got better and better with it. I got into a routine of doing it, so I started to just do it, and not think about it. I was helped by distractions. One distraction I used was talking. This would help me pass time. This helped me to do more time. I love ping-pong so, my new daily habit is Ping-Pong. I want to get better at it, so I can play in more tournaments, and win them. I will keep practicing for 10 minutes a day at ping-pong. I will use that to elevate my p;lay to a higher level.

For me the compound effect is a mental more than a physical one. I have to make myself push throw the pain and focus on something fun. The best way I can do this is focus on tonight’s soccer practice or a place I am going. One other way was talking or joking with one of my friends. It was harder if I skipped a day or if it was the first day in a new time amount. On of the hardest days was the first day of three minutes. I think that this was hard because it was a new minute an one of the hardest ones at that.  There other ways that it was hard was if I was sore or my brain was out of wack. One last reason of why it was hard was the last day of it. The reason of why that was hard was we had to do as much as we could.




Shoot-Out is an amazing book. Shoot-Out is about a boy who moves from a town which happens to have an amazing soccer team. When the boy gets to his new home his soccer team is not nearly as good. The two soccer teams are in the same division, so the teams play each other. The boy’s old team is at the top of their division, and his new team is at the bottom of their division. The boys new team plays the boy’s old team. The boy wants to beat his old team so badly. The game goes into penalties, and then the boy decides to put the game in another boy’s hands. The other boy ends up winning the game for his team.

Why This Book is an Mirror

Shoot-Out is more of a mirror book for me because the boy plays soccer. The boy loves soccer; he wants to get revenge on his old team. The boy plays the same position as me, also his mom went to the same college as my mom. Lastly, he likes the same soccer team as me. The boy has a lot of similarities to me, but he also has some differences. These are the differences. He switched towns and not just teams, and he does not like his new team at first. The similarities outweigh the differences, and that is why this book is a mirror.